Pre Primary Programme

With a pedagogy that is age appropriate, we at MITCON International School, lay emphasis on maximizing the inherent potential of students in an optimum way.We make the kids learn best by involving them in hands-on activities where they get to observe, touch and experiment. This also develops their critical thinking skills.MIS provides its students opportunities to engage their multiple senses. They learn by exploring which makes them innovative.Students also get exposed to activities that enhance their ability to communicate in English and express themselves effectively as good communication skills act as a key to success.Children are encouraged to invent, play & explore through dance, music, arts & the phonics program. A variety of activities are also conducted to improve their hand-motor skills.


Primary and Middle School Programme

MITCON International School believes in and focuses on inspiring, empowering and enlightening its students in all aspects. We have a well-planned pedagogy to facilitate a continuous learning process for enhancing the various capabilities and skills on the basis of Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.It offers an exciting, challenging and creative learning environment with an inter-disciplinary appreciation of languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies by learning them as individual and integrated subjects.Multiple approaches are used for teaching in order make learning effective and fun. A great emphasis is laid on skill development of students. They are encouraged to work innovatively in Tinkering Lab and Robotics Lab. They are also provided a platform to enhance their listening, reading and communication skills by utilizing the Language Development Lab. They are involved in activities that result in sharpening their Entrepreneurial Skills at a young age itself.Across the year a variety of curricular and co-curricular events are conducted which make them become more confident, self-reliant and self-disciplined. Value education is an integral part of these activities.