Orange Colour Day

Orange combines the energy of Red and the happiness of Yellow .It is associated with joy and sunshine. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness,  creativity, determination and success .

Our Kindergarten students celebrated their colour day on 28.06.2019 with an objective to acquaint the concept of secondary colour and objects related to it.

The young ones came dressed in shades of vibrant orange colour, shining brightly.

Teachers including the Principal Ma’am, all were dressed in orange colour.

Children brought orange coloured objects and soft toys like caterpillar, Tweety, car, ball , bat , doll ,etc .To boost their confidence we have conducted ‘Show and Tell’ activity where students showcased their toys and verbalized about the same. Tiffins were filled with all orange coloured food items like oranges, papaya, musk melon, carrot, halwa, paratha, rice and jalebi.

The tiny tots participated in a variety of hands on activities like thumb printing, sponge dabbing, paper folding and colouring . The classroom was beautifully decorated on orange theme with placards of orange vegetables, fruits and flowers. Later ‘take away’ activity was conducted in every class and students enjoyed preparing a craft of orange colour.

Orange day stimulated social development, activities and appetite. It was pleasure to gaze our little ones enjoying this special day ardently.



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