Primary and Middle School Programme

Innovate. Inspire. Empower. Enlighten.
MITCON International School is a hub of creative learning with the curriculum designed to promote holistic development of the student. An inter-disciplinary approach helps students appreciate languages, sciences, and the social sciences, even as they gain mastery over the subjects.
We actively encourage innovation and nurture the curiosity of our children through experimentation in the Tinkering and Robotics lab and free communication in the Language Development lab. A variety of curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the year help students tap into their many talents and become versatile entrepreneurs of the future.
MITCON also instils a sense of responsibility towards the society into the students from a young age, by engaging in community service for the orphaned, old, and the infirm.Environmental awareness through projects and hands-on experiences is helpful in rounding out their personalities.
Physical fitness and sportsmanship is an important factor for healthy growth. MITCON International School offers a variety of sports facilities including basketball and footballcourts, infrastructure for table tennis, chess, and more, and encourages students to actively participate in intra- and inter-school competitions.