Our school has been at the fore front of addressing the needs of uninterrupted and quality education by implementing online classes for our students. We, at Mitcon International School, always promote a healthy body with a stimulated mind for the all-round holistic development of our children. Taking a cue from the ‘Fit India Movement’ our school arranged a week long fun and fitness routine for our students of all grades.

Monday, 23.11.20

  1. Poster making competition: This competition was held for students of grades 6 to 8. The theme given for poster making activity was “Hum Fit Toh India Fit”. Students were told to draw the pictures related to this theme by switching on their cameras on a particular time. The teachers shared the link to upload their drawings. Children showed interest in drawing beautiful pictures which reflected the importance of physical exercise and maintaining good health.
  2. 2. Preparing advertisements: On the same day another competition of making an advertisement was conducted for students of grade 6 to 8. The theme was “Emotional and Physical well-being are interconnected” The students were asked to project their perceptions of a healthy physique influenced our emotions and boosted family and society bonds at home and the workplaces. Similarly, our emotional wellbeing in turn hampered or prospered our bodies decreasing or increasing our effectiveness.
  3. One day dedicated to Family Fitness: This was the third activity for grade 5 students in which the children created toys using the material at home. They made use of materials readily available at homes to creatively create equipment for sports & fitness. For e.g. Aluminium foil in a sock made a ball and any flat wooden piece made a bat to play cricket. Likewise football/ chess/ carom. Parents too enjoyed playing games with their children.

Tuesday, 24.11.20

  1. Debate: On second day a debate was held for the students of grade 7 and 8. The topic given was “Re-strengthening of the mind post pandemic”. Students portrayed the confidence and positive attitude towards post pandemic situation through their points in the debate.
  2. Essay/Poem Writing Competition: The second competition held on this day was writing an essay/poem on the topic “Fitness beats pandemic”. Many students participated in this event and expressed their thoughts on the importance of being fit during pandemic. The link was shared by the teachers to upload their essays and poems.

Wednesday, 25.11.20

  1. Virtual challenges for students: On the third day under the guidance of the sports teachers various activities were conducted. This event was conducted for grade 6 students. A large number of students participated and tried to do complete the challenges given to them. Following challenges were given –

(a)  Squats challenge

(b)  Step-up challenge

(c)  Spot jogging

(d)  Rope skipping

(e)  Ball dribbling

  1. Online Quiz related to fitness/sports – The second activity conducted for grade 6 students was the Quiz. Questions were asked related to fitness and sports. Children responded well to the questions posed to them.

Thursday, 26.11.20

  1. Free hand exercises, Fun and Fitness- Aerobics, Dance, Rope Skipping, Zig Zag and Shuttle Running: Students of grade 1 to 4 participated and enjoyed all the activities in this session.

Friday, 27.11.20

1.Common Yoga: – On the last day this activity of performing simple yoga and another activity of using the handkerchief at home for juggling and tossing the ball and catching it with feet & hand was conducted for grade 1 to 5 students. It was conducted in three sessions so that students could join any slot according to their convenience.

Students participated in a large number and enjoyed all the activities conducted through out the week. These theme based week long activities instilled in the students the fun and joyous spirit of sharing the screen with their peers besides enjoying physical activities enhancing their self-esteem and confidence.


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