How healthy is a fizzy drink activity by Mitconities

What a great way to start the activities in a new academic session than to make our students aware about healthy food and drink choices on account of World Health Day – 07 April’21!
Today to celebrate World Health Day, MIS conducted an activity on ‘How healthy is a fizzy drink’ This activity was conducted to promote healthy food habits among students and to create awareness of adverse effects that a fizzy drink can cause to our body.

To boost students’ thinking about healthy food and drinks, a PPT was presented which elaborated all ill effects of consuming fizzy drinks.

BY showing an animated video, the students were made aware about how regular consumption of fizzy drinks lead to Obesity, Chronic Health Diseases, Dental Decay, Vitamin and Calcium Deficiency and Caffeine Addiction, as fizzy drinks contain excess amount of sugar, carbon di-oxide and other harmful chemicals. The students were surprised to see that how these drinks harm their body.

After sharing with students the bad effects of fizzy drinks, teachers explicated the good effects of healthy drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, cane juice and coconut water and encouraged them to add such healthy drinks in their regular diet.

Younger grades’ teachers conducted art activity of drawing pictures of healthy drink and fizzy drink. Then students put a check mark on healthy drink and crossed the fizzy drink. They also enjoyed preparing lemonade as per teachers’ instructions.

Grade 4 and 5 students drew pictures of fizzy drinks mentioning the ingredients and its adverse effects on their health.
Higher grades drafted dialogues between friends on discussion about soft drinks which had an additional benefit of enhancing their creative writing. Few students prepared advertisements to showcase the impact of such fizzy drinks on the young generations.

Pre-Primary students uniquely celebrated this World Health Day by performing yoga with simple asana and showcasing importance of exercises in the daily life.

The session was quite interesting and interactive. The Mitconites acknowledged how fizzy drinks can be a major concern and promised to take care of their health by inculcating good food habits and exercises in their life.


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