Importance of Sports – Ms. Monika Chhabra, Principal

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports are an essential part of school curriculum. Sports have amazing benefits for the body like better blood circulation, stronger bones, and coordination. But most people overlook the benefits of sports for the mind. Besides relieving stress, sports can improve memory, mood, and focus. Sports are a social experience that allows one to learn a number of skills required to thrive. Besides sportsmanship, it also teaches one trust and teamwork. Learning to help others, understanding one’s teammates, building strategy and focussing towards a common goal are some essential skills that are needed to succeed and which can be acquired by being a good sportsperson. Sports tie one to a supportive community that teaches empathy and competition. Boosting confidence, learning to support others and also having fun are all a big part of sports.

Sports not only have short-term effects but also long-term gain. Sports have been shown to improve sleep cycles and help with discipline. Self-Motivation and leadership qualities are entailed by sports.

Sports teach children to stay active when older and harbor interest in other physical pursuits. Besides improving overall health and wellbeing, sports also make people happy and bind them together in achieving something together.


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