MIS housed a singing competition The Sa Re Ga Ma


Awareness along  with soulful melody

Sa Re Ga Ma…..The musical path

Singing is a play on emotions through the right choice of words, a soulful melody that may incite a patriotic fervor or scintillate the deepest passions. A natural lure to many wannabe rock stars, MITCON International School housed a singing competition on the 14th of July, 2021. The Sa Re Ga Ma event called upon our young vocalists to try their charm through the auditions held beforehand through grades 1 to 9. Our music teachers shortlisted participants in these auditions. Students were allowed to choose their favourite songs in either Hindi or English and then for sure the atmosphere in every home was saturated with the strains, tunes and jingles of the songs the children sought to master.

An eclectic mix of themes through devotional, motivational and patriotic songs and spiritually uplifting prayers gave a good choice to our Mitconites. We hope the parents too must have joined in a hearty sing-a-long as they prepared their children to participate in the final event.

Poems are the lyrics to the heart

An Inter-house Poetry Recitation Competition was organized for Nursery students and ‘SA RE GA MA’ singing competition for jr.kg and sr.kg students.

Beauty is the realm of poetry; the students of mitconites enthusiastically participated in the competition as they got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The competition inspired the young singers to come forward and recite on stage. The students came up with different poems and recited them with great fondness. They enjoyed the perfection of expression, thoughts, emotions, rhythm and music of words.

Students were judged on the parameters like confidence, voice modulation, memorization and overall presentation etc.

The young poets enthralled the audience with their articulation and memory skills while reciting poems. It was a splendid opportunity for them to gain confidence through virtual platform exposure. Everyone was delighted after seeing their pleasing performances. The main purpose behind conducting such competitions is to build self-confidence, develop oratory skills and self-expression.

Earth runs out of space

The 14th saw MITCON International School observe the World Population Day too. World Population Day is an annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. The United Nations Development program recommended the introduction of World Population Day in 1989, inspired by the public interest and awareness that was created by “Five Billion Day”, on 1987 when the world’s reached 5 billion.

The main objective of the program was to make students understand that excess of anything is always harmful. A virtual campaign walkthrough highlighted the growing problems that come with a growing global population. Animated and knowledgeable videos were shown to the students of all grades. The different videos explained the stages of earth, bearing population since 1900 to future 2050. Over population is a crucial issue, especially considering that world resources are depleting at an unsustainable rate.

The MIS team under the guidance of the Principal- Mrs.Monika Chabbra, always provides a platform in the form of activities and projects, to realize the present situation and to strengthen the linkages between education and the globe. The values imbibed in our students will definitely guide them to fulfil their responsibilities towards the green planet. Their awareness and sincere efforts will be a drastic step to protect the planet from deterioration and destruction in the near future.




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