Pre-Primary Excursion to Rail Museum

Railways are the lifeline of a nation!!


The purpose of conducting a trip to the Rail Museum was to acquaint the children  with one of the major transport facility used by  people in our country.

Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railway was a perfect choice for the Pre-Primary students of MITCON International School . The students  visited the Museum on 15th February, 2019.

As the students took the stairs to Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways in Kothrud, they felt like stepping on to a train compartment, but it was just a replica. Nevertheless, it looks just as real. Once they stepped inside, they were ushered into a hall and a genie sprinkled water to transport them to the land of Liliputs. Then they were taken for  a ride in miniature trains of various shapes and sizes that crisscross through tracks past the signals, fences, lamp posts, flyovers and many more. And it was not just a train ride. There was a station with platforms, announcement systems, cargo – loading facilities etc. There were cars and buses rushing past each other at frenetic pace. The whole activity took place in a miniature city with the business centre sporting hoardings and flashing signs. It was in all a day’s life in a city.

The teachers related the specimen and the story of the railways to important historic events that the children had heard of in the class. Needless to say the train joyride was the highlight.

The excursion was completely educational and fun filled. It was an ideal situation of experiential learning!!


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