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Prepare Your Child To Become A Global Citizen With MIS International School!

The basis for lifelong learning and personality is laid in early childhood. Early childhood experiences influence children’s ability to learn, get along with others and respond to daily stressors and obstacles. Young children’s emotional, social, and physical development all have an impact on their total growth and the adult they will become.
That is why it is critical to recognise the importance of investing in very young children to enhance their future well-being. In countries all throughout the world, early childhood education is becoming significantly important. Early childhood care and education, according to UNESCO, is about more than just preparing children for primary school.
It aims to address a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs holistically. Its purpose is to establish a solid and complete foundation for lifetime learning and satisfaction. It has the potential to raise future citizens who are compassionate, capable, and responsible.
Similarly, globalisation also plays an important role in steering a child’s early development.
Globalisation And Why Children Should Be Prepared Early For Its Exposure
Globalisation has altered children’s existence by providing them with greater opportunities for education, employment, and other luxuries in life. Because of the ease of access to the internet and related technology, children have grown more aware of the advancements taking place across the world.
Children are more willing than ever before to pursue their studies in other countries. Online degrees are an option for people who cannot afford the high tuition of overseas schools. Similarly, the internet has broadened children’s horizons of thought, since they no longer rely just on books but prefer clever learning techniques.
Many Indian colleges provide student exchange programmes through which students can finish a portion of their coursework overseas. Similarly, numerous international colleges have established campuses on Indian land to make the entire process more accessible to the Indian public.
Schools like MIS International School prepare students with global exposure as one of the priorities.
How MIS International School Prepares Students Into Global Citizens
MISInternational School is a private, progressive, creative, child-centred, co-educational English medium school dedicated to offering high-quality education to all of its students. Following the CBSE curriculum, MIS International School provides Pre-Primary, Primary, and Secondary Education.
The school seeks to deliver high-quality education programmes, with a focus on providing creative and stimulating learning settings. The mission of MIS International School is to provide Global Education with Holistic Development.
MIS International School provides multiple factors that aid in the development of a child into a global citizen. They include:
❖ Proper Classroom Engagement
The STEAM method is used in the classroom at MIS International School. It is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence as proposed by world-renowned educationist Prof. Howard Gardner. Because there are numerous types of learners in a classroom who absorb things in
their unique way, MIS International School can focus on each kid through the practical application of the Theory of Multiple Intelligence.
❖ Co-curricular Activities
MIS International School provides facilities like Athenaeum, Science Lab, Computer Lab, and Mathematics Lab. These are key factors responsible for the holistic development of students at an early age. Additionally, students are also encouraged to engage in performing arts and sports activities. These facilities and co-curricular activities aid the creative and physical development of students in the long run.
❖ Fully-Developed Curriculum
MIS International School strives for the complete development of the child and offers the necessary tools to help children become autonomous, confident, and prepared to face the world via a curriculum that not only teaches a syllabus but also fosters survival skills in children. MIS International School bridges the gap between “syllabus” and “skill development” successfully.
❖ Engaging 6 Domains of Development
They include Language, Cognitive, Numeracy, Physical, Personal and Emotional development. Each of these assures that the emphasis is on utilising the natural potential of pupils in the best way possible. The school guarantees that children learn best by engaging them in hands-on activities that allow them to watch, touch, and experiment. This also improves their critical thinking abilities. With the support of the six domains of development, each child at MIS International School is appreciated, respected, feels safe and secure, and develops a healthy self-concept.
MIS International School also has a partnership with Jupiter Hospital, Baner. The school includes a well-equipped infirmary to provide immediate medical treatment. The yearly health check for MIS International School’s students is undertaken in collaboration with AddressHealth, with the provision of One-on-One Counseling with Parents, since the health and wellness of the young learners are of the highest significance.
MIS International School strives to foster the emergence of responsible, fulfilled Global Citizens and lifelong learners into the world, who will contribute to humanity’s true progression.
It provides the highest quality of education; qualified, creative, and competent staff; and a comprehensive curriculum within a safe, innovative learning environment.
So, choose MIS International School for your children’s future and watch them grow into responsible global citizens.



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