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Mathematics Laboratory

Students can learn and explore mathematical ideas in the mathematics laboratory, where they can also check mathematical facts and theorems through a range of activities utilizing various materials.

Sometimes students may view mathematics as dull, boring, or difficult, also for them it means to get something right or to get something wrong. We try to modify the traditional way of teaching with activities and games, it can make the process of learning more interesting and effective.

This laboratory is meant to be used both by the student on their own and together with their teacher to explore the world of mathematics, to discover, learn and develop an interest in mathematics

To put this into practice, MIS International School provides a well-designed and fully furnished math lab where students can investigate and master mathematical principles through hands-on activities.

Computer Lab

A computer lab is a setup or space where an entire class full can be taught important concepts like how to use computers, how to do coding, etc. The students are usually trained by a trained computer teacher. Teachers can also use the lab with their students to conduct research or create technology-based projects. The students enhance their technical skills within the school.Every individual should be aware of the functioning of the virtual world. The students and teachers can benefit from the computer lab in school.

We offer a fully functional computer laboratory with easy access to the most recent technologies to better prepare our pupils for the future. It is a crucial area of the school since it allows student-led workshops and gives students practical IT skills. From first grade on, the school emphasizes computer use.

Science Lab

A school science laboratory is a place where basic experimental skills are learned by systematically performing a set of prescribed and suitably designed experiments. Performing experiments with one’s own hands is a thrilling experience and important because it entails learning by doing.

Real items and materials must be observed and handled to effectively teach and learn science. The well-equipped composite science lab at MIS International School enables pupils to engage directly with scientific ideas. By carrying out various experiments, exercises, and demonstrations on their own, they get first-hand knowledge. In this way, we might encourage young scientists to consider the questions of How and Why.

The science learning goals of laboratory experiences include enhancing mastery of science subject matter, developing scientific reasoning abilities, increasing understanding of the complexity and ambiguity of empirical work, developing practical skills, increasing understanding of the nature of science.

Performing Arts

Performing arts being an integral part of education provide students with the opportunity to engage the mind, the body, and emotions. Students can explore and express great themes and ideas through their performances. This allows children to develop their self-confidence and self-belief.

At MIS, co-curricular activities and academics are both given equal weight. Dance, movement, music, and singing are the primary foundations of performing arts. When they roleplay, the pupils learn to know new characters. Students participate in a variety of activities and competitions such as sociodramatic plays, show-and-tell impromptu, and elocution to reduce stage fear and foster confidence.                   

The performing arts encourage children to explore their emotions, expand their imagination, and help them develop their own, unique voices. Each discipline of music, dance, and drama engages a child’s brain, body, and emotions in different ways to encourage their confidence and find joy in self-expression.


A library is a collection of materials, books, or media that are accessible for use and not just for display purposes. A library provides physical (hard copies) or digital access (soft copies) materials.

Our athenaeum is well-equipped and stocked with a wide range of literature for different age groups. It fosters a love of reading in students from an early age. One of the most fundamental abilities required for achieving success in life is reading. Good reading habits must be developed if your child is to succeed in school and in everyday life. Reading helps the imagination soar by exposing readers to new words and phrases.

A library, which may vary widely in size, may be organized for use and maintained by the institution. In addition to providing materials, the librariansare trained and experts at finding, selecting, circulating, and organizing information and interpreting information needs, navigating, and analyzing very large amounts of information with a variety of resources.

Sports/ Physical Education

The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. It increases self-esteem and mental attentiveness. It leads to composing psychological and physical progress. It teaches the children life abilities like solidarity, leadership, and perseverance. At MIS we offer Cricket, Football, Basketball, Skating, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, and Chess as sports club activities. Our state-of-the-art outdoor facilities for sports are a Skating ring, Basketball court, Football field, and Cricket pitches.

Physical education allows students to engage in various forms of games, sports, and other physical activities throughout their lifetime. These goals can be achieved in a variety of ways.These various standards include teaching sports education, or the use of sports as exercise; fitness education, relating to overall health and fitness; and movement education, which deals with movement in a non-sport context.

In physical education, Activities include footballnetballhockeyrounderscricketfour squareracing, and numerous other children’s games. Physical education also teaches nutrition, healthy habits, and the individuality of needs.


As the health and wellbeing of the young learners are of the utmost importance, a yearly health check for the kids of our institution is undertaken in partnership with AddressHealth with the provision of One-on-One Counseling with Parents.



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