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From Farm to Table

“Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can’t hurry the crop or make an ox in two days.” – Henri.

Agriculture provides most of the world’s food and fabrics. Cotton, wool, and leather are all agricultural products. The primary farming activity is growing food – be it vegetables, dairy, or livestock — and that’s important for all of us.

Considering the significance of farming in our life, an activity “Farm Studio On Wheels” was organised at MIS International School on 27th August, 22 for Pre-Primary to grade 3, wherein the children were told how a farm brings its produce to the consumer. The aim of the activity was to make the children aware of how food is grown along with the necessary care that the farmer takes to grow healthy and nutritious food which is made available at our tables so easily.

“Farm Studio On Wheels” activity is one way to get students excited about healthy eating. The term “Farm Studio On Wheels” encompasses variety of programs that bring local produce into schools and teach students about nutrition through fun & experiential learning. We at MIS International aim at giving a holistic development to our students. This learning helps our little ones to face the needs of our society along with importance of healthy food in our lives.

It also teaches them about the sources of food & provides them with an opportunity to explore new perspectives on food and society. Children can develop understanding of agriculture and its greater affect on the community’s health by engaging in Farm to School conversations. Farm to School initiatives teach children ethical responsibility while forming deeper connections to one’s community. Exciting activities like cup plantation, post- harvest management, cleaning & sorting of vegetables, setting up the farm stand, seed sowing techniques, growing micro -greens, exchange farm bits, poster, chilly transplanting, trader’s arena etc were carried out. The students were divided into different groups grade wise so that each could explore all the activities. Important guidelines with the do’s and don’ts were explained to them. The series of farm activities from sowing to selling tomato and chillies were exposed to the students. Learning that plants do not grow overnight is certainly a good place to start. When growing plants from seed, this will naturally take more time than getting something that you simply buy from the garden centre. This is simple activity that is awesome for teaching students about seeds.  

The trainers helped the students to understand importance of farming. It was a pleasure to gaze our little ones enjoying this special event ardently. The event ended with the young students taking away fresh veggies with them excitedly



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