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Ganesha Is Eco-Friendly

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated considering Lord Ganesh as the God of new beginnings, the remover of obstacles as well as the God of wisdom and intelligence.

Ganesh Chaturthi festival preparations commence almost a month before the festival. To celebrate the same, MIS International School organized a competition of making Lord Ganesh idols in an eco-friendly way on 24th August, 2022. Eco-friendly Ganesh idols are those that are made of clay, natural fibers, paper and other bio-degradable material. These idols, when immersed in water, degrade faster and do not harm the environment as much as the ones made of POP and glittery material.

The day started with a wonderful assembly. Students of grade 7 performed a meaningful skit which gave a message on importance of eco-friendly Lord Ganesh idols to make the students realize that the life which survives in water should not be disturbed by our actions as it is an essential part of ecology.  The students incorporated this message in their action. Ushering the festive season early, students from grade 1 to grade 7 enthusiastically participated in the Ganesh idol making competition and completed the given task by using various material like vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, paper, flowers and many more. Students of grade 8 to grade 10 were asked to make Lord Ganesh idols by using Shalu mud. Shalu mud is 100% natural, water soluble and easily moldable clay. They brought all the required material and enjoyed creating and sculpting their idols.  Students were deeply engrossed in making and decorating their idols.  Every child’s potential and creativity was observed as they had a common objective – to cause zero damage to the environment.

To spare and secure our nature, we should hold hands and do our bit, and go for eco-friendly items.  This will help to save our water resources as well as it will protect human health.

The festival in India plays a key role in strengthening human relationships and enhances to bring about unity among people. MIS always takes an opportunity to encourage different age groups by organizing various activities. This was a small step to protect the environment. The Principal, Mrs. Monika Chhabra, appreciated one and all. She explained to the students about the importance of various natural resources and how to use eco-friendly idols in celebrating the festival. The important message given by the Principal was that henceforth, let us all bring eco-friendly Ganesh idols and conserve the nature with going green every Ganesh Chaturthi. 



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