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Mathematic for A Better World- At MIS

MATH- Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen India’s National Mathematics Day is celebrated every 22 December with numerous educational events held at schools and universities throughout the country. The Indian mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22 December 1887. It was in recognition of his exemplary contribution to mathematics, the Government of India decided to celebrate his birthday as the National Mathematics Day. In view of the pandemic, the 2021 theme of “Mathematics for a Better World” reminds us that mathematics and statistics are essential tools for decision-makers as they enable them to predict the evolution of diseases and optimize mitigation strategies with limited resources. Mathematics can be fun, challenging, hands on and applicable in real life. Describing the beauty and relevance of mathematics, the day highlights the essential role played by this discipline in various areas of lives. To celebrate the spirit of mathematical learning, experience the joy of the mathematical sphere and to explore various mathematical concepts in a creative manner, Mathematics Day was celebrated in MIS International School on Wednesday, 22 December 2021. Backed by rigorous planning, the Mathematics Teachers successfully conducted a fun-filled celebration of Mathematics day that brought forth maximum participation from students. To begin with, students were explained about the technical application of mathematics that underpin all areas of our lives. Together with algorithms, mathematics plays a key role in artificial intelligence and technological disruptions and as global issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change occur, we are reminded of the importance of mathematics in responding to the challenges of our time. Videos and ppts related to the activities were also shown to the students to create an excitement among them. It was a day of Fun with Shapes for students of grades 1 & 2. Identifying shapes from the given image activity was organized for them. Students recognized different shapes and logically answered the questions based on shapes. Children engrossed in drawing beautiful pictures with different shapes was really worth watching. The drawings made by them like joker, houses, animals, snowman were indeed a feast to the eyes. Students of grades 3 & 4 used their personal details like date of birth, number of family members, number of pets, etc. to perform the calculations on ‘Numbers about me!’ as per the instructions and shaded the numbers using different colours in the ‘Number Grid 0-99’. ‘Figure me out’ activity was conducted for grades 5 & 6. Students described themselves using arithmetic expressions. ‘Trisecting angle’ activity was conducted for students of grades 7 & 8. Students made an angle trisector using cardboard and used it to divide the angles into 3 equal parts. Grade 9 students used different articles such as spherical ball, fruits, vegetables, bottles etc. to observe that the sum of all angles of a triangle can be more or less than 180 degrees. It all depends on the surface on which a triangle is made. Students were seen challenging themselves with the activities. The main objective behind the celebration was to raise awareness among people about the importance of mathematics for the development of humanity. We can’t ignore that several initiatives are taken to motivate, enthuse, and inculcate a positive attitude towards learning mathematics among the younger generation of the country. Children not only participated in the activities with great zeal and enthusiasm but also learnt the techniques to apply the knowledge of the subject in a variety of contexts. It was a fun filled and joyful day of learning for the geckos who exhibited unparalleled excitement and actively participated in all activities.



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