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 Water is the Driving Force of All Nature. – Leonardo da Vinci

Children usually enjoy playing in water because it stimulates their senses.

With the weather heating up, it’s the perfect time to find fun filled ways to cool ourselves, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time splashing and frolicking in the water on a hot day!

Playing with water not only keeps your child feeling cool and having fun, but it is surprising that water play has so many amazing benefits for childhood development, making it one of the most popular activities in early childhood education. Water play releases energy, it can be both invigorating or relaxing and calming for young children. It increases their ability to concentrate on one activity when presented as a tranquil and repetitive activity like scooping, bucketing and running their hands through the water. Gentle water play allows them to unwind, order their thoughts and relax.

Water play gives many opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills across age ranges. Students increase their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through actions like pouring, squirting, scrubbing, stirring and squeezing.

Toddlers are very tactile. They like to explore with all their senses and they enjoy all kind of sensory activities – water play is one of these. MIS International School organized a “Pool Party” for the Nursery students on 28th April, 2022. Students showed great excitement and curiosity to be a part of this activity. The aim behind organizing this event was to create bond among the students. What an easy way to work on school readiness!

There was excitement in the air and the young ones were full of happiness and energy. Students were drawn to water play for the sheer fun of it: filling and emptying a cup, squeezing a rubber toy, stirring with a wooden spoon. This activity of water play was both enjoyable and educational. It helped children enhance their eye-hand coordination and encouraged cooperation. Overall it was a very fruitful activity.



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