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Relocating to Pune? – MIS is your preferred school for your kids

Relocating to Pune? – MIS is your preferred school for your kids

A school is a child’s second home. Children spend most of their time in school or doing activities taught at school. They spend almost 12 years in school, making friends and living some of the most memorable days of their life. So, to sum it all up, schools are very important in a child’s life as they spend their foundational years in school and get the future ready.

During the course of their academic lives, children have to change schools for a variety of reasons. For example, parents may change jobs or relocation, and as a result, of which their children have to change schools. These changes may be gradual or sudden, expected or unexpected.

Changing schools is likely to bring a mix of emotions, such as sadness, excitement, and ambivalence also there are possibilities that a child is going through many situations like

  • Feelings of Alienation
  • Make New Friends
  • Develop Adaptation Skills
  • Possible Experiences of Learning the School Better
  • Bullying
  • Academic Challenges
  • And many

But helping a child to recognize and understand these different emotions, in addition to offering support, can help things go more smoothly. MIS International school believes that every child deserves to get well educated without worrying about school, environment, and fees, the best part about our institute is that it is not just an institute but also a home away from home for kids.

Each school community is different, with its own culture to be understood and worked with. MIS international school has a very friendly atmosphere and culture where it is easy to get adjusted new students to existing ones. We understand that this transition involves making adjustments for the child and also for the parents, thus developing relationships with a school and understanding the system helps both children and parents to become part of that system.

MIS International School is a private, progressive, innovative, child-centered, co-educational English medium school, committed to providing quality education to all students. The school offers Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary Education and follows the CBSE curriculum.

We provide extending knowledge beyond school, providing the finest facilities and infrastructure and we believe to develop proud global citizens. The 21st Century has presented new opportunities & challenges which require a different approach to education. We provide in this fast-changing & interdependent world, young people with knowledge, skills, values & attitudes to adapt and thrive.

We have designed our curriculum in such a way that it will help in increasing the potential and make them confident, and independent for future challenges. We look beyond the curriculum to teach an interactive-techniques to empower them. Connecting with us will definitely assure you and your child of better results. The curriculum is designed for children to learn at their own pace, which is perfect for pre-primary kids.

When a new child arrives they may be ahead or behind the new class. Teachers also have different styles of teaching and new students may have to take time to adapt. They may leave a school where they know most of their classmates and move to a new school where they have to begin all over to establish new friendships. This can be quite difficult for a child.

At MIS, we have a group of committed, educated, and skilled teachers with the knowledge and abilities to make your ward adapt to the new environment.

Professionals with extensive expertise and knowledge serve as instructors. Children can participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities to expand their horizons through music, dance, art, theatre, etc. Pre-primary students can learn and develop at MIS. They can go there to learn new things, explore their surroundings, and make friends with kids their own age.

A well-connected and secure Balewadi is where MIS International School is located. It provides a really hospitable atmosphere. The school has first-rate amenities, such as tastefully furnished classrooms, modern playground equipment and sporting equipment, and a roomy library with reading books.



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