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Bagless days and revolutionising practical learning- Ms. Monika Chhabra, Principal

A school bag represents the golden period of life for all children. The excitements of a new bag with new books, the different ways of wearing the bag, all are a part of our memories.

But today, the bag has changed. It has become a symbol of immense struggle as a student in the competitive environment. Students overstuff their bags with other books too. The consequent health issues are now prominent. Hunched back, bad posture and neck issues are common amongst youth today.

NEP 2020 has found a remedy to this. Bagless days. The concept is that the students of grades 6 to 8 get an opportunity to come to school without bags for  ten days in an academic year. This initiative is meant to promote practical and vocational learning. During these days the children can engage in activities that teach them some vocation or even experience different types of employment. The children would be able to naturally gain first hand experience in their field of interest, along with experiencing various fields. This would expand the children’s skill set and interests. Interaction with professionals would improve the child’s communication abilities and reasoning, while cultivating essential soft skills. A more realistic and industry-oriented approach like this is essential so that the education system is aligned with the industry.

This policy can revolutionize education and help the students gain a more globalised and objective perspective to improve their subject and career choices.



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