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MIS International School – The Right Choice for Your Child’s Future!

Modern children are preparing to become tomorrow’s adult citizens. Their growth is linked to our nation’s future. As recommended by the current education system, a school must instill interest in young, sensitive minds and provide them with the skills they need to become better human beings.

It is commonly acknowledged that the learning process plays an essential role in forming personality and the way they respond to life’s challenges. In schools, the shift in thinking from bookish knowledge to working knowledge has resulted in a tide of changes. 

People have come around to the concept of education being the key to allround growth and development rather than merely a means to obtain degrees and financial success in life. Education must foster the development of a healthy thought process and the development of our cognitive domain.

Role of School Education In Your Child’s Development

Education begins at school. Students are taught basic information and linguistic skills at this stage. School education offers students a fantastic chance to gain knowledge in the fields of literature, mathematics, physics, politics, history, and a variety of other essential disciplines. 

Education also plays an essential part in moulding young children’s inquisitive brains. It enables children to also introspect and enhance their personalities.

The following areas of school education contribute significantly to the development of young brains as they progress towards adulthood. 

  • The Social Factor

A child’s initial point of contact with others is at school. Until then, their only human contact has been with their parents and immediate family members. Familiarity is a fertile ground for inertia. Children in schools are exposed not just to new concepts, but also to peers of their own age. It instills gregarious behaviours such as empathy, companionship, engagement, and aid, which will be useful in their maturity.

  • The Psychological Factor

School is the primary source of information to which students are exposed. It enables people to obtain knowledge in a range of educational domains. People, literature, history, mathematics, politics, and a number of other disciplines can all be included. It aids in the growth of the mental process. When one is exposed to influences from numerous cultural sources, their perspective on the world and life broadens.

  • The Physical Factor

While a child’s energy is limited at home, he can redirect it into more social outlets at school. According to studies, while kids can deal with rapid spurts of energy in a familiar setting, they are at their best behaviour only when exposed to other children of their age. The inclusion of activities such as sports and crafts allows youngsters to channelize their unlimited energy into something beneficial.

Previously, schools were considered to be places where students might learn about historical events, solve difficult mathematical problems, and read poetry and sonnets. In the modern educational environment, youngsters learn to think beyond the old method of rote learning. 

They are taught to develop their minds, and their curiosity is fostered by a flexible curriculum. Students are free of the restraints of mental obstructions and are allowed to let their imaginations run wild. The importance of imagination is heavily emphasised in modern education.

Schools play a vital role in shaping a nation’s future by promoting the overall development of its future population. Particularly schools that use current and effective approaches to promote the full development of the child. Schools such as MIS International are essential contributors in utilising resources to provide students with well-rounded growth.

MIS International School – The Right Choice For Your Child’s Future!

MIS International School is a private school committed to providing high-quality education. It is an innovative, creative and child-centred English medium school. MIS International School believes in making learning enjoyable. The most effective motivators for learning are joy and pleasure. MIS International School provides inspirational pedagogical activities that engage students, foster curiosity, and instill in them the desire to be lifelong learners.

MIS International School follows the CBSE curriculum and offers Pre-Primary, Primary, and Secondary Education. The school’s objective is to deliver Global Education with Holistic Development and provides a variety of aspects that contribute to a child’s growth as a global citizen.

They include proper classroom engagement, co-curricular activities, a well-developed curriculum, and a focus on the six developmental domains (Language, Cognitive, Numeracy, Physical, Personal and Emotional Development).

MIS International School provides state-of-the-art infrastructure to supplement the efforts of its teaching staff. It also provides a safe and innovative learning environment where students can learn, explore and engage to acquire skills, knowledge, and values necessary to succeed as responsible global citizens.

The school delivers the highest level of education by qualified, creative, and competent faculty, and a complete curriculum within a safe, innovative learning environment.

Choose MIS International School now and let your child experience learning like never before!



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